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Robert Stieglitz creates sensation against Arthur Abraham 

Saturday 03/23/13, GETEC arena Magdeburg


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Sold off hall. However, this time reverse portents. World champion Arthur Abraham came to the "living room" to Magdeburg to the ex-world champion, Robert Stieglitz. Thus it was removed and thus the biggest German box stables at the moment, Sauerland and SES Boxing, have hold their word .A brave Arthur Abraham had dominated the first fight in 8/25/2012 in Berlin and had snatched from Robert also clearly obviously for everybody the world master's belt belt in the supermiddleweight in version of the WBO (World Boxing organisation) after hard fight.

It were to be not only the heavy cuts and the disillusionment for Robert now not to be a world champion anymore. There also remains inside a wound if one loses thus an important fight top-prepared and in incredible shape.

To everybody it was clear than that Robert has technically substantially more on it like Arthur. Indeed, Arthur has such a physical constitution and not only according to his trainer, Ulli Wegner, the Punch of a heavyweight one.

Thus Robert was warned in the back fight and everybody were curious whether Arthur could box again on that high level like last year. Since one was clear before. If Arthur loses he must wait in a long queue.

.And at the age of 33 years one is as a boxer in this weight class over the top. So the motto could be onlyc alled: attack. And thus it was to be followed for Robert only importantly the instructions of his trainer, Dirk Dzemski, and to move cool the draught. Robert got out in the first three rounds so the animal that Arthur not only stunnedly separate, in addition, by a hard exact blow on the left eye by the view was hindered.

Robert covered Arthur with a salvo of blows so that he completely lost his line.

He got involved in the desert fight and u coulndt see the friendly way before on both sides.

Here everybody had to use his chance for the future and Robert had to show the crowd a bit of extra action.

Because of that one really hard and precise placed punch on the left eye of Arthur the King lost completely his line of boxing.All spectators in the GETEC hall had been surprised because of the aggressive style of Robert which nobody expected like that.

The left eye of Arthur was that much completely closed that by going ahead with the fight a big risk of the health would be endangered.

So the referee stopped the fight before beginning round 4 by technical knockout.

The referee stopped not only the fight.He probably closed the career of once more former worldchampion now again , Arthur Abraham.

This could be the end for a wonderful sportsman.

New world champion of the WBO in Supermiddleweight:Robert Stieglitz!



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