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German premiere of "The last stand" with Arnold Schwarzenegger, at Residence, an Astor Film Lounge, Cologne



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"ILL be back !!" he promised  in 1984 in one of his most successful films, "Terminator" of James Cameron.

And he has held word.

After a break as Governeur of California from 2003 to 2011 it has pulled the 7-times Mr. Olympia and five-times Mr. Universe in  bodybuilding already in 2010 with Expendables and in 2012 with Expendables 2 again back in the film business.

"Action" is just that what has announced "Arnie" and has brought him beside his sporty success also worldwide honor as an actor.

Matured and relaxed he appeared to the Germany premiere on the red carpet in the residence, an Astor film Lounge in Cologne and brought with it international shine in the cathedral town.

What an event, to see this legend live.

And fuck on that few wrinkles.

Charisma knows no age.

The film "The last stand", in which "Arnie" presents Ray Owens, finally, is again a leading role for him.
Its a movie with the usual genre and the success is preprogrammed.

The premiere of the film became by the presence of the principal character Arnold Schwarzenegger a little the secondary matter, because all persons present were inspired to experience a world star sometimes very closely.

Indeed, its a shame to present for such a "hero" relatively unworthily only the "Printenkönig" Hermann Bühlbecker from the economy,  Anchorman Wolfram Kons from RTL,  and maybe the German comedy stars Bülent Ceylan and Kaya Yanar instead of A -class Celebreties to see merely D-or E class quality on the red carpet.

One would have supposed this rather at the opening of a chipppy, but not if Arnold Schwarzenegger had promoted his newest film in Germany personally.

And with all respect for also present actor Johnny Knoxville:

Sorry, Johnny that thus wasnt your day but we Germans love "Arnie".

And the forecast for the film?

We must be such a long time without Arnold Schwarzenegger that this film will become a mega success for sure.

Stay healthy and more of it, "Arnie"!





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