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Sat 1 VIP boxing 3/6/2013

The official weighing


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At 3/6/2013 the official weighing for the VIP happened at Sportgarde in Düsseldorf.

The live event will happen on Sat 1 television on Friday 3/8/2013 at Burgwächter Castello in Düsseldorf.
Bra class and Underdogs.

The spectacle of the low instincts goes to the next round.
With the today's weighing rose on the scales:
B-Tight against Rocco Stark. With these opponents one could at least even anticipate with the figure that they have made sometimes sport and will show certainly the will to the audience to show an interesting fight. Lets see wheter with good technique.
With Sebastian Deyle versus Mola Adebisi one suppose i would be better for Mola to wear a bra because of his bust size. Adebisi had taken part 10 years ago already once with the VIP boxing on RTL television and does not look as if he had become better in this time. But optics and muscles have never brought a victory in  boxing , even if towards Sebastian Mola seems to be in a better shape.The only mating with explosive effect promises thefight Daniel Amirati versus Mehrzad Marashi. Here longer fight sport experiences exist on both sides and it could look at least on Friday so as if both may call that what they do as boxing.
So far the fairly seriously increasing part of the VIP box event.
Now then the ladies came to the weighing and the rates will lift in this Friday evening the jolly mood and other things at the sight of the little leakage rakes.
To all at the head and as the only one also really sexily, nicely and well trained:Tessa Bergmeier. Even to hold jumbles them the fists right with the Posing and promises at least from the appearance a serious fight. Her opponent Nadja Abd El Farrag, better known as a champagne-hard-drinking ex of Dieter Bohlen  appeared with a swollen face even before a fight and looks not a bit trained.She didint seemed to be on what she gets involved. Only by repeated request by present president BDB Thomas Pütz who supervised the weighing she lifted her bathrobe. Nadja has the best days behind herself and looked clumsy with the Shooting jumble.Maybe she just could have celebrated too much her birthday one day before.

In much better shape were the opportunents.Thats because Jazzy, EX-Tic Tac Toe singer, made at least the impression as if she really wants to win the fight against the jungle diva Georgina Fleur.

Georginas appearance in High Heels resembled rather a mixture of Modeling and "uuuhh my hairs" then anybody to the motion of the boxing has.
Here there could be the only K.O. of the evening if Jazzy takes it serious.

One is guaranteed on Friday even with all bad fights or techniques.The viewing rates on Sat1 televiosn will be great again.

And I would not surprise if with the next VIP boxing event will start at 10 p.m. cuz the female fighters will fight without a bra.

Than the crowd will be really satisfied because there even was never a quality by boxing before.



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