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3/23/2013 »


Robert Stieglitz creates sensation against Arthur Abraham 

Saturday 03/23/13, GETEC arena Magdeburg



3/6/2013 »


Sat 1 VIP boxing

The official weighing



2/1/2013 »


Sturm vs Soliman

the fight

ISS Dome,Düsseldorf 



1/31/2013 »


Sturm vs Soliman

official weighing, Interconti Hotel,Dusseldorf...



21.01.2013 »


German premiere of "The last stand" with Arnold Schwarzenegger, at Residence, an Astor Film Lounge, Cologne...



22.12.2012 »


Charity Charity gala  in 2012 in Bonn/Bad-Godesberg 2012...




15.12.2012 »


Film premiere "The adventures of the Huck Finn"

in Lichtburg Cinema in Essen...



01.12.2012 »


Gymmotion 2012 in Mitsubishi Electric Halle (former Philipshalle) in Düsseldorf...



01.12.2012 »


World Championship in profesionell boxing with Susi Kentikian in Burg Wächter Castello in Düsseldorf...



24.11.2012 »


Dolphin´s Night 2012 in Interconti Hotel on Königsallee in Düsseldorf...



08.09.2012 »


Professionel worldchampionship in boxing with Francois Botha "the white buffalo from south-africa"...



07.05.2012 »


Talk with Alfred Biolek in Komödie in Düsseldorf.

With celebrity Gabriele Henkel, professor of art...



02.05.2012 »


Premiere of Sönke Wortmans movie "Das Hochzeitsvideo"

in Cologne with 

stars and starlets..



13.04.2012 »


Sturm vs Zbik,WBA-Championship in Boxing in Lanxess-Arena,Cologne...



02.04.2012 »


"Das große ProSieben Promiboxen".With Indira Weis, Jay Khan, Martin Kesici und Micaela Schäfer in the Ring...







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