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Professional boxing Sturm vs Soliman

ISS Dom, Dusseldorf



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It was his most important fight.

One day after his birthday he wanted to make to himself even the nicest present.

It has not been enough!

No rematch against Daniel Geale who has defended his IBF title successfully against Anthony Mundine two days before.

Against Geale Felix had lost his world champion's belt WBA unexpectedlywith the attempt in a union fight for Geals IBF belt to the 9/1/2012 .

On those important fights Felix Sturm is wide awake and coached very well.

So also at the premiere of the professional box event in the otherwise only hockey fans well known ISS Dome in Düsseldorf.

However, Soliman had always counterheld as a number 1 of the IBF.

And although Sturm fighted with the big balls of a champion the jury has different decision.

Felix Sturm impressed by his abilities to be technical and speedable top .

This combination is ordinarily simply unbeatable then just the fast hit Jabs of his left Führhand these are to which no Gegener has grown.

Therefore, muste Soliman already in the second round almost, for Felix unusual, a K.O.hinnehmen.

Nevertheless, the end was not as expected. Thus was called after judgment not understandable for me of the winners Soliman.

No notion which fight these referees have seen.

Now Felix must be asked for the reason of the defeat.

Has he not gone enough after Soliman was tattered?

Did he really want the victory?

Is that big loss of weight(12 Kg and more per each fight) also a loss of power?

Has he crossed his zenith by many 12 round fights because of substance loss?

Has he still the energy and patience to continue?

These questions he will ask himself while taking a break with his family to get a distance and rest.

Foresee also the report on the official cradles one day before the fight:,Wiegen.html

In an other fight Susi Kentikian won in this evening for the first time again after loss of her titles and at last 2 defeats in succession.

At last she asserted herself after a laborious fight against one head bigger opponent who played, besides, her reach advantages.

Seldom one saw them after a fight thus drawn, however, just so seldom so happy.


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