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WBA World championship of Boxing

Sturm vs Zbik

Lanxessarena, Cologne



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Maybe Sebastian Zbik becomes now superstitious because he has chosen Friday 13th as a fight day .

Indeed, the fight up to the end for Zbik had the expected explosive effect of a crime film.

The whole hostility in the approach, the martial name of the event ("bad blood") and the staredown with the cradle one day before the Megafight excelled the expectations even in the real fight.

At least in the first rounds.

There one could see what it means to have the heart of a fighter .

Zbik, even former champion in this weight class with the WBC, boxed on the same level and offered an incredible fight to Felix Sturm.

However, Felix in that shape and constitution is absolutely unbeatable.He proved Zbik from the 6th round impressively, because Zbik could not go ahead this extremely speed of Sturm .

Sturm functioned like a robot, punched like from the textbook, points his huge will strength and presented this elegant, technical superiority.

THIS is Felix Sturm whom one knows and wants to see. Exceedingly variably in all blows as well as in his legendary fight against Oscar de la Hoya.

The precision and speed of his left jab at the same time with uncanny hardness hit, worn down Zbik visibly what one also noted in the face of Zbik.

Now this was taken apart obviously and brought forward.

Thus the fans and all boxing friends Felix Sturm love for.

An absolute athlete with tailor-made blows, the Zbiks cover like laser beams destroyed and found over and over again with full force in the aim.

How much fitness is necessary for it and how much sweat and blood has flowed to box at such a high level? Only top sportsmen who themselves are, as well as Sturm, pure will strength can foresee.

The fact that the fight was not taken up then after the end of the 9th round by Zbik any more is only the logical result of this substance-eating battle.

However, with all respect for the old and new world champion of the WBA so one must give Zbik also recognition as long as to have kept up also his training did not exist certainly of socks knit.

Thus Felix found box doctorate stable laudatory and appreciative words then also for his former stable companion from the universe box promotion in Hamburg.

They will never probably become friends, however, sporty respect one in front of the other and fairness makes this sport for spectators in the hall and before the screens again as interesting as the best times.

Germany needs these fights!


Maurice Sujda

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