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Francois Botha vs Axel Schulz

09/08/2012 in Mülheim Ruhr


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This was already an experience, the world championship in professional boxing of SES-Boxing in Mülheim Ruhr.

Nevertheless, in spite of the successful title defence of world-championesse Christina Hammer and other interesting frame fights the whole event was illuminated by the "peace summit" between Axel Schulz and Francois Botha.

Unforgotten when Axel Schulz was boxing in 1995 in Stuttgart for the title of the world championship crown of the IBF in heavyweight, lost and days later the result of Bothas dopingtest was positive.

Therefore Francois Botha who has already boxed Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield or Lennox Lewis was famous as an irritant and unfair figure in Germany.

The fact that he travelled in June, 2012 to Frankfurt / Oder, visited Axel Schulz in his house and gave him that world champion belt after nearly 17 years was a sporty very fair and great gesture. "You are the true champion and I wanted to apologise".

So said  Botha to Schulz.

The beginning of a friendship?

Now, in any case the both met at 9/6/2012 before the world championship-fight in Mülheim  Ruhr in restaurant Mediterranean and have expressed themselves and having had dinner.

It was a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which Axel was surprised very much that Botha is still active.

About the other close contents of the conversation I keep silence, because a lot of private things were discussed.

Many thanks to both that I might be present.

Maurice Sujda

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