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Charity gala  in 2012 in Bonn


First the positives.

A fresh and quick-fitted duet presented itself with Timo Müller and Sandór Krönert of the dance house Bonn as an organizer in the wonderful gala hall of the Maritime hotel in Bonn Bad Godesberg.

The hearty radiation and loose Anmoderation of the both jumped immediately on the audience.

However, this existed to more than 90% of club members of the dance house of Bonn.

Then this was of benefit for the mood, wenns around the dancing the feedback dance hall tape almost all guests went there with all pieces in the direction of dance floor jumped up and therefore pure dance joy allowed to come across.

This Charity gala dress, however, the debut of Timo Müller and Sandór Krönert was remained to professional gala visitors not concealed.

Unmistakeably the whole charm of this event was to be compared rather to that of an Abitur-final celebration ("Who wants to eat still what please now slam there the house from 22 o'clock clears").

Not only the fact that of the specially booked, and from Lets dance known presenter Roman Frieling more than colorless and even homely helplessly worked against the sovereign presentation of the organizers, the performance of a child dance group with virtually alarmingly bad Syncronität had lost then like also the, among the rest, offered grilled sausage (with a minimum to 3 days old and rock-hard bread rolls presented) in the Cateringbereich just as little if one wants to present an event at high level as well as the fact that one drinks as well as dishes, in addition, in spite of high entry prices pay muste. One single famous highlight like Michelle works there then rather than an alibi-rescue anchor.

This is, in spite of all more positively of the perceptible energy one more event with which one can wish a lot of luck, however, just still a lot of air the organizers for the next years upwards is.


Maurice Sujda

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