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Film premiere "The adventures of the Huck Finn"

Lichtburg in Essen



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A touch of Hollywood in the Essener Lichtburg cinema.

The red carpet was already  there, the Securities looked usually carelessly and fiercely and even reporter must take a separate access to be part of the world premiere of the film Huck Finn which officially   starts from 12/20/2012.

THAT prechristmas event for Essen.


Precisely to present the right timing around a heart-moving history in the yule tide for a wide target group audience.

Actors and producers were very much relaxed and friendly.

And so all the children and teenagers around could take a picture with their idols.

Those were quick picked out and were called

Jacky Ido as well as Leon Seidel and Louis Hofmann.

And Jacky Ido not only in the film is really strongly.

On  the red carpet infront of the press he took both other principal character on his arms which impressed them obviously.

And to say: Many cooks spoil the mash now one cannot really say, because though this film is a co-production from:

 Boris Schönfelder (north face, Tom Sawyer) and his new Schönhauser film production in co-production with Benjamin Herrmann (John Rabe, wild flower, north face) and the Majestic film production, film construction Leipzig and MMC Independently, in cooperation with ARD / Degeto, West German broadcasting company, takes and Bavarian broadcasting company, promoted with means of film endowment North Rhine-Westphalia, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Medium German media support, BKM, film support Hamburg Schleswig - Holstein, film support institution and German film conveyor fund.


Indeed, here one pulled everybody in a rope.

And this was called want to have success .



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