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Dolphins Night 11/24/2012

Strong women dont need rate

A successful night in the sign of the dolphins was once more this Saturday the Dolphins Night 2012 at 11/24/2012 in the Intercontinental Hotel in Düsseldorf at Königsallee.

Dolphins, the probably nicest and in any case  most intelligent animals.

The size of their brain lets arise already for many years discussions that not only after Patrick Flanagan apparently the dolphin substantially seems to be developed as a person and therefore not only in the third ones but also in the fourth dimension lives.

But back to the event.

The wonderful table arrangement, the small and hearty gift packages, the professional scenery.

All this was already in the approach a tip to a successful event.

But everything grown pale with the rousing welcoming speech of the founder from who brought to life in 1995 the association, Kirsten Kuhnert.

If somebody speaks of women's power, from loud tones and martial affected behaviour this woman does not experience.

Her speech was so rousing and true that even the waiters stood still pious and listened in these strong quietly and modest speaking woman of full admiration.

One would hear a pin on the thick carpet have fallen be able, thus impressed all persons present soaked up these rousing words of Mrs. Kuhnert.

Not only the results, it was already helped more than 3000 children successfully, were contents of her statement.

The wondrous mood of the way was transfered  into the whole ballroom which took every person present like on a wonderful trip.

Without exception everybody was caught for this moment of the speech in the reality of the fateful injustice between health and illness and seized as courageously and strongly this woman about that spoke.

But at the same time whether affected or not, this speech gave that what to us everybody holds in heavy times in the life, hope.

Hope is sometimes recompensed by the smallest smile of these often very ill children.

And the message behind it was clear:the smallest smile is always worth every still so big effort.

It needs just neither doctorate nor macho's affected behaviour, neither shouting without contents nor tug of war for rates.

If there was, nevertheless, only more of these plausible and authentic people like Kirsten Kuhnert.

“All wishes will be small against to be healthy".

A special gesture came from the box world champions in the heavyweight Vladimir and Vitali Klitschko who released a world champion's belt of Vladimir with signed boxing glove and picture of the Klitschkos to the auction for the Dolphin's Night (see photo) for the good purpose.

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