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Gymmotion 2012 in Mitsubishi Electric Halle (former Philipshalle) in Düsseldorf...


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Gymnastics and Motion.One more word you can deflect also, emotions.Thats what that event effects in you.

A real firework and perfect combination of sound and light let the crowd dove into a hooked world of acrobatic.

All events were in progression one by one.

And the mixture should show up parents and children  how the way could go with extremely willpower and effort.

Nevertheless mistakes for the beginners at the balance beam were also requit with applause.

After others one of the most amazing acts showed that the group rightly is named as BBoys High Level.

Those guys were presenting bodycontrol at its highest level with an stunning speed.

Bodyscrews, stand technics and overstretched handstands seemed to break physical limits.

Those actors will be seen as stuntmen in action movies like James Bond or others in future. 

After the break one top act happened after the other  and the presenter arranged a touch of Cirque du Soleil because also beginneracts were presented in phantastic music and light choreography.

The final act showed all the other actors how perfect syncronity must look like.

Japanes Power with Kokushikan was absolutely perfect.

A little bit old school BUT...6 bodies, one motion.

That was the aim that everybody could reach with extremely effort.

But til that time there is for sure class difference.


Maurice Sujda

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