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World championship in boxing with Susi Kentikian in Burg Wächter Castello in Düsseldorf.


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Defeat for Sturm Sportspromotion and Susi Kentikian.

In the first fight as a pure promoter of his Sturm Sportspromotion the ex-world champion meanwhile without title of the WBA, Felix Sturm, as well as his hopeful ex-world championesse Susi Kentikian had to pocket a defeat.

Not only that the real public magnet, Ruslan Chagaev, the fight called off in the heavyweight.

Also the short-term spare fight with Firat Arslan did not take place.

Therefore promoter Sturm focused the fight of his new and only signboard Susi Kentikian, before Sturm with Spotlight Boxing in Hamburg (owner has been the son-in-law of universe box promotion-boss Kohl), afterwards SES Boxing under contract and former world champion in the flyweight after version of the WBA, the WBO and the WIBF.

Indeed, presented itself Kentikian in unusual bad constitution and let only from the sixth round recollections flash of former times.

Lacking reflexes in the defensive move as well as missing action during the attack were bad signs of the former killer queen. 

Though it was a fight on eye level.

Indeed, this did not lie with the opponent separate in Kentikian itself which admitted this because she never found to her top form.

The former 3-times World championesse could go back about the whole fight not to her old times and counted in the final third of the fight on the effect of the last 10 seconds to leave impression to the judges.

Also the desperate father of Kentikian who probably hit the hands in bad foreboding more often before eyes and animated over and over again by his loud Susi, to Susi calls the whole Mitsubishi hall in Dusseldorf couldnt change  the 2:1 consistent and fair judgment.

At the end winner after points was called the American Carina Moreno. 

How Felix Sturm will grow in this defeat of his as a Super Fight Night announced event on the private transmitter SAT 1  the future will show up.

But even as sportsman without World Title he never gave up ,showed character and came back brave.
Maurice Sujda

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